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057 Kristine-Banks-Smith (2)

057 Kristine-Banks-Smith (2)

Availability: All Competition Days
Name: Kristine Banks-Smith
Language: EN


Height: 174
Year of Birth:
Skills: I have been athletic for life, and will often be seen riding 100 miles through the San Francisco hills, or a yogi session on Baker Beach. I have long brown curly hair, easy to straighten or fro. I have had training in stunt work when I was on the Australian version of the Gladiators TV show. I also modeled for Nike (runway and still) and theater back in university. I have no problem with self-confidence, and would love to embrace the character of your choosing, including planning skype calls prior so that I can fully understand your vision, and therefore my role to play in bringing your character to life.

World Bodypainting Festival

WB Production