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056 Peter -Clauter (2)

056 Peter -Clauter (2)

Availability: All Competition Days
Name: Peter Clauter
Language: EN, ES


Height: 175
Year of Birth: 1992
Skills: Really really good at smiling and making weird faces. I love to make different poses and capture my audiences’ attention. I’m a funny guy but can be serious when I need to be. I will be watching Zoolander in preparation for this. I swim, bike, and run an excessive amount so I have muscle definition especially in my legs and back. I cannot lick my elbow but can lick somebody else’s. Currently have beard, willing to shave. Good at standing still for a long time, especially in uncomfortable positions. I’ve done improve comedy and stand-up comedy so I’m used to being on a stage.

World Bodypainting Festival

WB Production