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Category FASHION

WBA Imaga Awards 2014
Separate from the World Bodypainting Festival Awards, this is an Annual Image Award presented by the WBA, World Bodypainting Association and co-organized by Filippo ioco.

The mission of the awards is to promote the power of imagination and self-expression.

It is to recognize and award bodypainters, models and photographers worldwide in the discipline and image creation of traditional and non-traditional bodypainting without a reference to time or location in the categories:

- artistic bodypainting
- fashion bodypainting
- commercial bodypainting

The goal is to give artists a platform and opportunity to create freely, images that are expressive, imaginative, explosive and unique without restriction or limitations.

002 – Submitted by Einat Dan
Image Name: Legs
Artist: Einat Dan / Israel
Photographer: Stefan Giftthaler /Italy

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